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Letting Your Property

Our residential letting department is supported by 30 years of estate agency and lettings experience. We currently handle an extensive portfolio of over one hundred properties which enables us to provide a wide range of choice for potential tenants and ensures that we are the focal point to a constant stream of enquiries.

Property Management is a people business, so we offer a very ‘hands on’ approach with all of our services being carried out under one roof. Your file will never be centralised and you will always know what is happening.

Our fees are structured into three formats to offer an individual solution to a specific requirement. Our basic model is charged at £395+ VAT which is £474.00 and provides:

- Enthusiastic promotion with regard to detailed particulars displayed in our office window and catalogue.

- Quality photographs to include internal aspects and the creation of ambience with regard to photographing gardens and views.

- Properties are placed on our website which is supported by OnTheMarket.com

- Prominent To Let boards are placed at properties unless otherwise advised.

- Tenants are accompanied to properties and their backgrounds are established and discussed before applying for references.


To start

During the initial consultation you will have the opportunity to raise any questions and draw on our vast knowledge to alleviate any concerns you may have. We will discuss with you the key aspects and responsibilities with regard to your role as landlord. We will discuss the essentials of tenant application with regard to status and profile.

References will be discussed with you and you will be entitled to have copies should you wish. At your request we could arrange a meeting with a potential tenant to enable you to ensure that your expectations have been met.  We rely on years of experience when referencing and if in doubt never compromise.

On completion of the preliminary matters we will agree a date to commence the tenancy and prepare a six month fixed term AST which we will sign on your behalf. If it has been agreed that a deposit is to be taken this will be done with the deposit temporarily lodged on client account after which time a cheque will be issued to you. On completion of the paperwork we will release the keys and provide the tenant with your contact details which will have been previously agreed. The completed paperwork will be issued to you within three working days to include our cheque for the deposit which you should then protect.

You will need to provide

1)  An EPC which should be electronically transferred to us to be shown in our details and on our website.

2)  A current CP12 certificate.

These are both pre tenancy requirements.

When the tenant moves in you will be the direct point of contact. You will collect the rent, organise any repairs, serve all legal notices, complete the check out inspection and liase the return of the deposit.

Our intermediate format includes all of the procedures itemised within the previous model but will continue in the provision of additional services and benefits. The cost of the intermediate format is £595 + VAT which is £714.00

We will commission the EPC for you for which there will be a charge of £40.00 paid direct to the assessor.

We will commission the CP12 inspection and organise any work necessary in obtaining the certificate. The cost of the certificate is approximately £50.00.

We will arrange for an electrician to check the wiring and provide a report if this is what you ask us to do.  In some circumstances these checks should be considered to be essential. The provision of the report may carry a charge of approximately £25.00 to be deducted from any work deemed necessary and then carried out.

We will collect an agreed deposit at the start of the tenancy and issue the Prescribed Information the receipt of which will be confirmed by tenant signature. We will submit the deposit by way of issuing our cheque to the DPS and subject to your request will either retain the deposit in our DPS account or transfer it to yours. We could, at your request, arrange the release of the deposit to you so that you can lodge it with a provider of your choice. There are restrictions to the movement of the deposit in respect of timing but the advantage of this service is that the initial requirement to issue the information and to protect the deposit can be completed within the stipulated timescale.

If necessary we will arrange to secure a guarantor who can support the tenant should it transpire that the tenancy might be fragile. That is to say, younger applicants with no track record or firm background from which to reference. We would reference the guarantor in the same way as the tenant and similarly so we would obtain the appropriate ID checks being in accordance with OFT requirements.

We will, on your behalf, acquire a signature from the tenant to confirm that the council has been informed with regard to the start of the tenancy and that all utilities are alerted to their occupation. We will obtain a signature to confirm that any repairs found necessary at the property will be reported to you and that you will be allowed a reasonable period of time to effect any such repair. The signature will also endorse agreement that any items of disrepair thought to be dangerous and likely to cause injury will be reported to you immediately so as to reduce the likelihood of any such injury occurring.

We will obtain a self certified report on the condition of the property in which the tenant will notify you of any damages or disrepairs found when commencing the tenancy.  This will assist you when the tenancy is concluded.


Thinking of Transferring Management?

Our third charging structure is our flagship and offers a range of services which few agents will be able to offer within the confines of our fee.

In addition to the provisions, we will collect the rent on your behalf which will then be sent to you in its entirety other than for the deduction of agreed costs. Such costs are usually associated with repairs which will be pre agreed with you unless an emergency has prevailed. We have a team of contractors some of whom have been with us for 20 years and will carry out work for you at competitive rates. The contractors’ accounts would usually be lodged with ourselves to be paid on your behalf from incoming rent. The cost raised by the contractor is the price you pay and under no circumstances will there be add ons for any additional work that we will encounter in providing this service to you.

We will carry out regular inspections of your property. That is to say, in the first instance, every three months until we are satisfied that your tenant is taking care of your property. The frequency of inspection will be reduced as our confidence builds but will be increased if we are not satisfied with their conduct. Having completed an inspection we will write to you to confirm our visit and to disclose our findings.

When your tenants inform us that it is their intention to surrender the tenancy and to vacate we will immediately check the property to ensure that it is in a condition compatible to re-letting. We will at that time carry out a pre exit inspection informing the tenant to the extent of any work that may be necessary before the keys are returned. Any work considered to be necessary will be agreed with the tenant and the pre exit inspection will be signed by both parties. On vacation an exit inspection will be prepared which will be compared with our inspection reports and pre exit inspection. The paperwork will be used to support any claim for damages or dilapidations. In the event that the tenancy does not end in an entirely satisfactory manner, that is to say the property is not delivered up in an agreeable condition and all rent paid, we will liase with the DPS with regard to deduction from the deposit. In the event that the deposit was insufficient to accommodate any such claim or if a deposit was not taken, we will refer the matter to the County Court on your behalf.

When a notice period is triggered, in addition to the check out preparations, the property will immediately be promoted as being available. The fee structure in format three accommodates any number of tenant finds during the management period and it will be good to know that no additional charges will be levied.

In addition and confined within the boundaries of the fee we will serve any legal notices on your behalf. The simplest of notices is the Section 21 which must be witness served and is intended to advise the tenant that you have started the process to acquire possession. There is no defence against the Section 21 but possession cannot be simply obtained at the end of the notice period. An application for possession must be made to the County Court and with the application the Notice must be exhibited.  Should this be defective the court cannot make an order for possession. We will ensure that the notice is not defective and we will submit the appropriate documents to the court on your behalf after which time a District Judge will issue a possession order. This is often done without a hearing but should a defence be lodged, a hearing will be listed and a court appearance will be necessary. Should this occur, we will, within the confines of the fee, accompany you to court to present the documentation and to argue your case. And so it goes on! But we will, still within the confines of the fee, continue to assist you through the enforcement process. Very infrequently is enforcement required to obtain possession and less frequently does it progress to bailiff eviction but should this be necessary the costs can be staggering but not so in consideration that our guidance with the completion of documentation and court attendances is included within the fee structure.

Our strategy three fee is contractual and binds our services to you and your payment to us which amounts to £750.00 + vat which is £900.00 p.a. The fee is raised at the start of the first tenancy and is paid annually thereafter. The annual charge equates to a monthly commission of £62.50 + vat which is £75.00 which is less than most agents charge for the very simplest of management contracts which are without the cohesion found in the services we offer.


Management Transfer

For a one off charge of only £250.00 + VAT which is £300.00 we will organise the transfer from your current agent and thereafter provide all of our services for the life of the tenancy or for a period of twelve months which ever transpires first. You must ensure that any contract you have with you current agent allows such a transfer and that the ongoing tenancy is not frustrated at the time of transfer.  This service can provide a substantial improvement to your yield and should lubricate your cash flow.

Further details are available on request.  Please make your enquiry by telephone, fax or email or you can make an appointment to discuss matters in the office or at home.


Clients Money Policy

Clients money is collected into and paid out of a

Barclays Bank Clients Premium Account.


Landlords are responsible for protecting tenants deposits and are ultimately responsible in the return of that deposit.  It is for this reason that we send all deposits to the DPS where they are held until authorisation is given that they should be returned direct to the tenant at the end of the tenancy (disputes and proportional settlements exempted).

Rents are collected and paid into the Clients Premium account from where they are discharged after accommodating any costs with regard to repairs, etc.

This firm considers that to place deposits with a third party is the correct procedure and to pass rents through a separate clients account is equally so a correct procedure.

With this practice in handling clients money and in the method of securing deposits, this firm does not consider it necessary that it should be part of a Clients Money Protection Scheme.

This firm is a member of the Property Redress Scheme.